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Welcome to KENRO!!!

Denver says Howdy!!!  Come on in!!!!  Please enjoy a very GOLDEN welcome!!

The KENRO Crew....left to right -

 Kairo, Denver, Britain, London, Vegas & Tucson

At KENRO our dogs compete internationally in various dog sports!  We are active in Formal CKC/AKC Obedience, Field and Working tests, Conformation and Therapy/Service Work.


However,eventhough we are active in performance events we make our goldens our family. This is their first and foremost be a family member!  We believe in doing things with them to strengthen the bond they have with us.  You will often find our goldens going with us to the postoffice or to run errands or travelling with us.  We love being with them and they love being with us!  That's what its all about!!!




Allison & Tucson Training

 "A Bond that can never be broken".........