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Pet & Animal Assisted Therapy

Pet Therapy


KENRO offers pet therapy visitations to numerous long term care facilities,  hospitals and schools.  If you are in our area we would be glad to visit you!  TUCSON & VEGAS are both certified by TDI (Therapy Dog International).  They are certified to work with both adults and children.  If a visit is requested, please call Allison at 306-882-3400 or e-mail. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THIS SERVICE.







TUCSON, Certified TDI Therapy Dog doing a therapy visit at Sandcastles Playschool May 2011, Rosetown Sask





Pet Therapy has proven to have many therapeutic benefits.  These benefits include lowering blood pressure, decreasing heart rates, improving mental well-being and lifting symptoms of depression.  There has been new information on this phenomena.  Listed below are links to articles that discuss various aspects of pet therapy.


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The pictures below are of my Kenya doing some therapy work years ago when we were affliated with St. John Ambulance.  Kairo is since retired and did do therapy work with St. John Ambulance as well.